Monday, August 11, 2008

MSI Notebook

MSI Notebooks is already known for its promising products particularly in laptop computers. Their products perform almost equal to the top brands but costs much cheaper. MSI got its inspiration for the Mega Book S260 to an Apple iBook, but to be fair to MSI, it does offer colors other than white. I got a Mega Book S270 with similar features with S260 with a black finish.

The Mega Book S260 isn't the smallest or the lightest notebook on the block - 303 x 225 x 28mm (WxDxH) and 1.8kg but it does have an integrated optical drive, which most super-lightweight machines have to do without.

The Mega Book S260 is the first notebook that MSI has produced based on the Sonoma Centrino platform. There's no denying that the finish on the S260 is good. Lifting the lid reveals the 12.1in widescreen display.

MSI has been smart enough to finish the screen with a high-contrast coating, therefore, you get a much brighter image, with more vivid colors.

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