Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bikers' Foundation Day

Last month, the Terrain Challenger 611, the largest bikers' organization in Davao City, celebrated their foundation day. The activity started with a Eucharistic Mass and followed by a motorcade. The members showcased their latest and top of the line brands of bicycle and accessories.

A huge percentage of the members used the Specialized brand bicycle frame with accessories from Shimano Deore XT and XTR models. The Specialized bicycle frame is said to be affordable, durable and lightweight since it is made of the A1 Premium Aluminum.

Next in line is the Cannondale brand bicycle. The same brand of accessories is used from Shimano. This bicycles were said to be handcrafted by skilled craftsmen from the company whose reputation is known worldwide for best in innovations. The aluminum used for the frame is light and more flex resistant than steel. This is the reason why majority of the members using this brand are racers.

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