Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Can You Cheat On Someone You Truly Love?

When we are in-love, we always say to our partner the magic word, "I LOVE YOU". When we say it, do we really mean it? How do we know that our partner is honest to what he/she said?

A friend of mine is a victim of dishonesty. While he was away, his girlfriend cheated on him. The girl always denied that she is faithful to him and loved him so much that she is willing to sacrifice her life to him because the other guy is just her friend. A few months later, the girl's greatest secret was unlocked and my friend was deeply hurt and this are his words, "Your love is a beautiful lie."

Is it really love that we felt for our partners if we cheat on them? If we can't be honest, if we can't stand for the things we say, let us not say the magic word because our partners will be hurt.

For you, can you cheat on someone you truly love?


kRistiNe said...

I cOuldn't ChEAt ON tHE persON i TRULy LOve..

ThaT's THe DuMbESt MistAKe A pERsOn CouLD cOmmIT..

alston said...

i can cheat! knw y? 8s bter na mkauna kesa maunahan db?!?!?