Electronics 2

            The course is designed for electronics and communication engineering students with basic knowledge in electronics and an understanding of mathematics through algebra and calculus.  It covers small signal analysis of BJT, FET, and amplifier in compound configuration; two-port systems; and frequency response of the amplifier.  This course can be taken only if the student had finished Electronics 1.

            After taking the course, the students should have extended their knowledge in electronics.  They should have a sufficient comprehension of electronic principles to prepare them to study higher courses such as electronics 3, electronics in communication systems, power electronics and industrial electronics.

            The students should be able to determine the important parameters of different small signal BJT, FET, and compound configurations using different circuit models; investigate their low and high frequency response; and design basic small signal amplifiers.

            The course intends to instill the virtue of honesty, and perseverance in designing small signal amplifiers.  It also aims to equip them with the ability to solve engineering problems with speed, accuracy, and precision.  It should be emphasize to them that besides their human role in simplifying and improving the activities of mankind through engineering solutions and innovations, and the bridging of human communities through electronic equipments and gadgets, they have the responsibility to protect the environment.