Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Our home is the place where we can have relaxation from work or from any activities. This is the place where the family will get together at the end of the day. Our home must be designed to make everyone comfortable. To achieve this objective, there must be a balance between different furnishings, color and arrangement in all parts of the house.

The scale of the furnishings and architectural features must be considered like the size of the beds, furnitures, and home accessories for the interior design. In other words, the size offurnitures depends on the people who live there. It must match your size. Another thing to consider is the contrast. It makes the rooms and spaces look good and exciting like choosing a good combination of colors oflinens , pillows, curtains, and wall paintings. It also provides ambiance. The rhythm creates theme throughout the different rooms like organization of colors or series of contrast, or even series of patterns.

To make everything look good, inside and outside, a garden improves the look of our home. Again, there must be planning to be done like considering the space, scale of the plants to be used, and good combination of plants and flowers to have contrast and rhythm.

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