Saturday, August 30, 2008

Friendster Styles

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Modern Furnitures

Furniture is any movable article that has a lot of different functions. It has an intended usage in every part of the house or in any establishment. As years goes by, furniture evolves but its functions never changed. The product of this evolution is what we called "Modern Furniture".

Modern Furniture is a result of an artistic design since it must blend with the modern homes and have different ambiance. It is also considered as a decorative art aside from their usual functions or uses that provide comfort and convenience.

They come in different sizes, color and designs that match the owners personality and provides a wide variety of quality Modern Furniture.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Can You Cheat On Someone You Truly Love?

When we are in-love, we always say to our partner the magic word, "I LOVE YOU". When we say it, do we really mean it? How do we know that our partner is honest to what he/she said?

A friend of mine is a victim of dishonesty. While he was away, his girlfriend cheated on him. The girl always denied that she is faithful to him and loved him so much that she is willing to sacrifice her life to him because the other guy is just her friend. A few months later, the girl's greatest secret was unlocked and my friend was deeply hurt and this are his words, "Your love is a beautiful lie."

Is it really love that we felt for our partners if we cheat on them? If we can't be honest, if we can't stand for the things we say, let us not say the magic word because our partners will be hurt.

For you, can you cheat on someone you truly love?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Scuba Diving

SCUBA is an acronym for "self-contained underwater breathing apparatus". Scuba diving is another part of my adventure in life that made me crave for more dives. The reason why I want to dive again is to witness more of the aquatic life; its beauty and calmness of the environment. I saw a lot of corals formed like walls with different kinds of fish. I my first encounter with Nemo, its real name is the Clown Fish living within the sea anemone.

Beauty under the sea amazes me but there's always a danger like rapid change of current from slight to strong that divers will have a hard time controlling their buoyancy and direction. Another danger is the decompression sickness (DCS) which is deadly when not treated immediately.

I've been to the mountains, rivers, caves and now underwater. But anywhere we go, safety is very important. So, care must be considered at all times.

Monday, August 11, 2008

MSI Notebook

MSI Notebooks is already known for its promising products particularly in laptop computers. Their products perform almost equal to the top brands but costs much cheaper. MSI got its inspiration for the Mega Book S260 to an Apple iBook, but to be fair to MSI, it does offer colors other than white. I got a Mega Book S270 with similar features with S260 with a black finish.

The Mega Book S260 isn't the smallest or the lightest notebook on the block - 303 x 225 x 28mm (WxDxH) and 1.8kg but it does have an integrated optical drive, which most super-lightweight machines have to do without.

The Mega Book S260 is the first notebook that MSI has produced based on the Sonoma Centrino platform. There's no denying that the finish on the S260 is good. Lifting the lid reveals the 12.1in widescreen display.

MSI has been smart enough to finish the screen with a high-contrast coating, therefore, you get a much brighter image, with more vivid colors.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Protect Your Eyes From UV Radiation

The sun's radiation is very intense and the ultraviolet radiation on it can destroy our skin as well as our beautiful eyes. We need some protection. We have sunblocks to protect our skin and we need sunglasses for our eyes.

Sunglasses protect our eyes from dust but ordinary sunglasses won't do any good against UV radiation. Use the one with UV protection and polarization. Modern sunglasses come in many styles and trends such as aviators, rimless, rectangular, cat eye and so much more. They can have different lens colors, aerodynamic, lightweight and durable.

Ipod Nano

Ipod Nano is popular for its portability, capacity, and capability. Its new design came with video that lets you enjoy watching movies or TV shows. It has a larger and brighter display and enhanced interface to make browsing easier. You can have fun at your fingertips with its installed games. You can store and view photos as well as your contacts and the calendar for your activities to be organized.

Ipod Nano also has a lot colors to choose from with anodized aluminum top case and a polished stainless steel back with increased memory capacity such as4GB and 8GB. You can store more music and video with longer playback time of up to 24 hours.

Home Sweet Home

Our home is the place where we can have relaxation from work or from any activities. This is the place where the family will get together at the end of the day. Our home must be designed to make everyone comfortable. To achieve this objective, there must be a balance between different furnishings, color and arrangement in all parts of the house.

The scale of the furnishings and architectural features must be considered like the size of the beds, furnitures, and home accessories for the interior design. In other words, the size offurnitures depends on the people who live there. It must match your size. Another thing to consider is the contrast. It makes the rooms and spaces look good and exciting like choosing a good combination of colors oflinens , pillows, curtains, and wall paintings. It also provides ambiance. The rhythm creates theme throughout the different rooms like organization of colors or series of contrast, or even series of patterns.

To make everything look good, inside and outside, a garden improves the look of our home. Again, there must be planning to be done like considering the space, scale of the plants to be used, and good combination of plants and flowers to have contrast and rhythm.

Bikers' Foundation Day

Last month, the Terrain Challenger 611, the largest bikers' organization in Davao City, celebrated their foundation day. The activity started with a Eucharistic Mass and followed by a motorcade. The members showcased their latest and top of the line brands of bicycle and accessories.

A huge percentage of the members used the Specialized brand bicycle frame with accessories from Shimano Deore XT and XTR models. The Specialized bicycle frame is said to be affordable, durable and lightweight since it is made of the A1 Premium Aluminum.

Next in line is the Cannondale brand bicycle. The same brand of accessories is used from Shimano. This bicycles were said to be handcrafted by skilled craftsmen from the company whose reputation is known worldwide for best in innovations. The aluminum used for the frame is light and more flex resistant than steel. This is the reason why majority of the members using this brand are racers.

Physical Training

The Tribung Mindanaw Mountaineering Club - Ateneo Chapter has just started recruiting for new members last month and had their physical training every Saturday at 4AM in the campus. Old members are required to join the training to maintain their stamina and endurance. The applicants will undergo six months training to prepare themselves for the hobby they want. This includes jogging, physical exercises and basic mountaineering courses so that they will be oriented on how to plan, what to bring, what to do, what is the role of every mountaineer and first aid techniques.

In our chapter, everyone is required to wear trainer shoes because it is tested by time that wearing one will provide safety and comfort during the training and also flexible to be used in land and river trekking. Most of the old members wear theAdidas brand trainers due to its durability and comfort in walking and running. The new batch had their own brand which is Nike trainers. They said that the new products from Nike is breathable, light and also durable which is suited in adventure racing and mountaineering.

Another reason for us why we use trainers is that most of the members are joining marathon events, triathlon and adventure racing. In this way, we can save a lot of money because the shoes we are using can give us the response that our feet needs in any activity or event instead of having different shoes to every event.

Top Brands For Video Games

Video games packs with so much fun but care must be given because it can consume all of our precious time. Video games today, bring us to the next level of entertainment because of the development new technology such as portability, wireless controls, high definition video and packed with high capacity hard drives. The three major manufacturers of video games are Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

The Xbox 360 is the product of Microsoft, Playstation 3 (PSP 3) for Sony and Wii for Nintendo. The graphics quality and realism for Xbox 360 and PSP 3 are equally excellent but Xbox has larger library of games with removable hard drive. The PSP 3 can play Blu-ray disk. It includes Wi-Fi with Internet capabilities having a built-in browser. Nintendo chose not to compete with the two top companies, instead, they focus on the Wii Remote which a unique motion-sensitive controller that gets players off the couch, waving the controller around in the air.