Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Choose The Best Video Game

Video games packs with so much fun but care must be given because it can consume all of our precious time. Video games today, bring us to the next level of entertainment because of the development new technology such as portability, wireless controls, high definition video and packed with high capacity hard drives. The three major manufacturers of video games are Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

The Xbox 360 is the product of Microsoft, Playstation 3 (PSP 3) for Sony and Wii for Nintendo. The graphics quality and realism for Xbox 360 and PSP 3 are equally excellent but Xbox has larger library of games with removable hard drive. The PSP 3 can play Blu-ray disk. It includes Wi-Fi with Internet capabilities having a built-in browser. Nintendo chose not to compete with the two top companies, instead, they focus on the Wii Remote which a unique motion-sensitive controller that gets players off the couch, waving the controller around in the air.